Self love witch bells


Made with chime bells, natural twine, hemp cord, and wire wrapped Rose Quartz beads!

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Witches bells are used for banishing dark, unwanted spirits and negative energy along with clearing up stagnant or old spiritual energy that could be lingering around places like your house, car, and work space.

When used in Witchcraft the color pink is usually for love and is heavily associated with the heart and heart chakra, as represented by the light and dark pink strands woven in the hand braided string! It is made of natural twine and hemp cord. This bell set features three Rose Quartz stones wired wrapped between heart charms and spacer beads. The jar is empty in the photos and will be filled upon purchase as to keep the spell fresh! It will be filled with a hand crafted spell specifically for self love and will include: Salt, Lavender, Rose petals, and more Rose Quartz!


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